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Children's Shows & Birthday Parties

Jeff’s Birthday Party Shows Are 2nd to NONE! Choose Between his Basic Show of 30 minutes or his Deluxe Show of 55 minutes.  In Both Shows, YOUR Child is the STAR of this Unforgetable Magical Experience!


Jeff’s Basic Show mainly targets audiences of only the Kids. Your Child and their friends will be involved and witness a HIGH Energy, Mind Blowing Magic Show that ends with YOUR Child Performing the Birthday Surprise with the Special Magic Wand that Jeff presents as a Keepsake! 

 ~ 30 Minutes in Length



Jeff’s Deluxe Show targets audiences of both Kids & Adults! This 60 minute show is Jam Packed with Magic that will Blow the Minds of the Adults while at the same time, thoroughly  entertaining the kids of all ages!  As a finale, Jeff May Levitate the Birthday Child in front of the entire audience! Both the Magic Wand and a Special “Jeff the Magician” are given to the Birthday Child!

~ 50-60 minutes in Length.


"Jeff recently performed his magic show at my son't 6th birthday party and all of the kids (and parents) loved it! The show was 30 minutes long and Jeff was able to keep the attention of an audience filled with kids in the 3-7 year old range. He's super engaging and performs magic tricks at their level. He also made my son feel special and had him help with some of the tricks. I highly recommend Jeff - in addition to being great with the kids, he's very well organized and punctual - it definitely took some stress away from me, as the host!"

~  S. Draper

School Assemblies & Programs

Perfect for Reading Month in Any School!  Jeff Takes  K-5th graders on a Magical Journey of How Magical Reading really is!  Topics Include: Going to the Library, Spelling, Biographies, Reading Menus, Grocery Items, Traffic Signals and the Components of  Writing a Short Story.  This Motivational Show can Kick Off Your Reading Unit or Culminate it as a REWARD!


“Math-Magic” Does the Impossible! It motivates and Inspires Kids to LOVE MATH! Using Numbers, Equations, and of course, Magic, Jeff will challenge your students as the “Human Calculator!”  This Show is a perfect “Bring Back” show to bring Jeff Back to YOUR School for another Educational, yet Amazing Magical Experience!

m-step magic show - new!


"We had Jeff the Magician come to end our March is Reading Month. I have never seen any of Jeff the Magicians shows, but he came recommended from a Mother at our school. When I booked him, I thought I might have a hard time convincing my board members the show would tie into our March is Reading month, but I sure am glad they gave me the benefit of the doubt. Jeff's show engaged the students, parents, and teachers that were in attendance. He incorporated his magic into reading in amazing ways, his magic tricks included the use of real world examples where reading is required such as in reading newspapers, traffic lights and signs, menus, spelling, and of course books. He used the audience in almost all of his tricks, and from the kids to adults, we left inspired and in awe from his tricks and engaging show. Thank you Jeff the Magician, we surely hope to incorporate him in next years March is Reading month as well."

~  Kristen Gallagher  ~ School Principal ~ Grand  Ledge, Michigan

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