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Jeff's Magic store
Yes, YOU too can learn Magic!

Here are some AMAZING Magic Sets and Individual Magic Tricks that are available for purchase from Jeff the Magician.  These items may be purchased from me in person if you live in the Greater Lansing Area or may be ordered and shipped right to your home.  Either way, click the "Place Order" button to go to the Order Form.  There is NO CART on this site.  So, decide on the items you would like and the quantities and list them in the order form.  You MUST put your name and phone number on the form.  I will then contact you and arrange a meeting (no shipping fee or tax) or a shipment (shipping and tax extra.)

Complete Magic Sets

PT set.jpg

Penn & Teller Magic Set

Learn over 200 Amazing Tricks from the Magic Masters themselves!  This amazing set includes all the classics of magic such as Cups & Balls, Ball Vase, Money Printer, and an Instructional DVD!


Ruby Kids Magic Set

Ruby Magic Set.jpg

Learn a variety of incredible tricks such as card tricks, sponge rabbits, coins, dice and more.  This amazing set includes instructions and everything needed to Amaze your friends!


Ultimate Card Tricks Magic Set


Learn over 225 Amazing Card Tricks!  This set will teach you over 100 tricks with a normal deck of cards as well as over 100 tricks with special included trick cards.  A Magic Card Trick Box is also included!


Marvelous Magic Kit - New!
Learn 350 Amazing Tricks!


For anyone interested in taking their magic to the next level, this is the kit for you! We include BEST of the BEST magic tricks: the Secret Stripper Deck, Amazing Svengali Deck, Sponge Rabbits, Trick Bottles, Magic Compass, HotShot Rubberbands, Ball and Vase, Pen Thru Bill, Crystal HotRod, Magic Frame, and Color Nesting Boxes.   Includes ONLINE Instructions!

More Magic Sets Coming Soon!

Beginning Magic tricks

INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED FOR EVERY TRICK IN EVERY CATAGORY FOUND BELOW! For a video demonstration of each trick, click the red button.

Fun Magic Coloring Books

Coloring Book.jpg
Coloring Book.jpg

Now in 2 Sizes ~ Stage and Pocket Versions

The absolute "Cadillac" of Kids Magic Tricks!  Great for ages 4-adult.  Magically cause every page in the book to color, uncolor, or go completely blank!  Also ideal for baby sitters and adult professionals who work with kids!

$15 for 1

$25 for both


Ball & Vase


Ball appears and disappears on command!

Ages 4+    Easy!

Crazy Cube


Read Your Spectator's Mind! Tell them the Number they are thinking of!  Fun & Easy!



Tel-A-Vision Box

Read Your Spectator's Mind! Tell them the Color they are thinking of!  Fun & Easy!


Mind blowing
Card Tricks

Card-Toon Decks (2 Editions)

As Seen on AGT!  Two of Jeff's Most Famous Effects at Restaurants!  Not only does the animated drawing come to life, but he also finds the spectator's chosen card!  In the Circus Version, the stick man fires out of a cannon and still finds the spectator's chosen card!


Around the World Flag Prediction

Flag Trick.jpg

You show a deck of cards with a Flag from a different country on every card.  You make a prediction, and your spectator names ANY Card.  That card is turned over to reveal the EXACT Country's Flag you wrote down!



Rising Card Deck

The Spectator's Chosen Card Magically Rises from the Deck By Itself!  One of Jeff's Most Amazing Effects.


Hypnotic Choice

Predict the Exact Shape Your Spectator is just Thinking of!


Number Mystery

Someone THINKS of a number from 1-100 and you are able to READ their Mind!  Easy!


Missing Think Card Trick

Someone thinks of ANY Card in the deck.  Eight transparent slides are given to them with different combinations of cards on each slide.  The spectator keeps all the slides with their card on it and YOU are able to read their mind and tell them their EXACT card!


Svengali Deck of Cards

A card is chosen from a deck shown to have 52 different cards.  With a wave of the hand, EVERY CARD becomes the spectator's card!  52 of the SAME CARD!  


Coin Tricks

Nickles to Dimes

You place a brass cap over a stack of 4 nickels, snap your fingers and they magically turn into 4 dimes!  Amazing!


Lethal Tender

Jeff's Most Famous Coin Trick! A Half Dollar and a Chinese Coin Switch places in the spectator's hand!  A must see!


Jeff's Money Mystery

The magician opens a set of folded papers and places a coin inside. The papers are then re-folded. Upon re-opening the papers, everyone is astonished to find the coin has changed into a $100 bill, or even vanished! The possibilities are endless!



Scotch & Soda

Your spectator places a Half Dollar and a Mexican Centavo coin in her closed hand.  When opened, the Centavo coin is gone and can reappear anywhere you'd like!  You may also cause the Centavo coin to pass right through a spectator's own hand!  Amazing!


stage magic

Hanky Panky.jpg

Hanky Panky


An Amazing and colorful routine!  One colored silk vanishes from inside a second silk and magically reappears inside the third! Beautiful Magic!


A Puzzlement

The Addition of Hope, Faith, or Love into our Daily Life

A Colorful 5 Piece Puzzle is shown in a Wooden Frame.  You Explain how each piece represents things we do every day; work, school, family time, etc.

There simply is no room to add anything else.  You introduce a 6th piece, rearrange the pieces and amazingly, all 6 pieces still fit inside the frame! There truly is always room for Hope, Faith, Love and especially, Magic!


Color Changing Silks


Professional Silk Magic that`s Easy to Do!  Great for Kids!
The magician displays two silk handkerchiefs tied together. He passes the silks quickly through his fist and they both change colors!

close up magic

Soft Spot

A Driver's License or any Bank Card is borrowed and Any pen or pencil is shoved right through it!  Of course the card is completely unharmed!  Amazing!


Sports Ball Prediction

Predict the Exact Sports Ball

Your Spectator will Choose Every Time!


Sponge Balls.webp

Sponge Balls

Set of 4 Sponge Balls

Amazing Magic can be performed with these sponge balls!  They vanish, appear, and even multiply right in the spectator's hands!


Crystal Hot Rod

A color gem is chosen from six different colors on a crystal rod.  Magically, all gems on both sides of the rod change to that color!


Wet Your Whistle

A Case is shown to contain three drink coasters.  They are placed onto the table.  One coaster says "Coffee," one says "Juice," and the 3rd says "Soda."  A $20 bill is removed from the case and the magician asks the spectator to place the bill onto ANY coaster and says if his prediction is wrong, the spectator can keep the $20!  The prediction is read and states the EXACT drink chosen!


Multiplying Sponge Bunnies

One sponge bunny is placed in your spectator's hand while the other is placed into your hand.  Poof! Your hand is empty and now the spectator is holding BOTH rabbits.  Next, both rabbits are placed into a 2nd spectator's hand.  when she opens her hand, you guessed it, there are now SEVEN Rabbits!  Wow! That was fast!


Weekly Specials

1.  Ruby & Card Set for $40.00

2,  Card Toon 1 & 2  for  $40.00

Ruby Magic Set.jpg

3..  Coloring Book, Crazy Cube, Mult Bunnies  for $15.00

4.   Hanky Panky & Sponge Balls  for  $25.00

Sponge Balls.webp
Hanky Panky.jpg
Coloring Book.jpg
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