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Special shows


Are you Looking for a "Harry Potter" Wizard Show?  Jeff can bring Hogwarts to YOUR Living Room!  Jeff, a former resident of Ravenclaw House in Hogwarts, can demonstrate everything Harry & his cohorts experience every day! From Potions to Divination, Jeff will put on a show YOUR little wizards will never forget!!  Book Your Show today!

Harry Potter Wizard show!


The "Magic of Judaism" is a Series of  Eight different Judaica based Magic shows to show your audience how "magical" it is to be Jewish!  Each program uses magic, humor, storytelling and Jewish history to teach your children about the FUNdamentals of many Jewish Holidays throughout the year. Educators agree that entertainment and education is the winning combination that helps children take the true meaning of these special holidays to heart.

Looking for an exciting Jewish themed Magic Show but no Jewish holiday is taking place?  Jeff’s “Holiday Review" fills an entire Magic Show with routines from each of his “Magic of Judaism” series!  Witness the Magic of: Rosh Hashana, Hanukkah, Purim, Passover and our State of Israel in ONE Very exciting show!  A "Jewish Smorgasbord" if you will!

Jewish Holiday Review Show


Celebrate Rosh Hashana and the "Birthday of the world" with this fun filled, magical celebration introducing children of all ages to the "sweet" themes, symbols and concepts of our beautiful world and our Jewish New Year.

Apples & honey


Magic of Hanukkah

What better time for magic than our very own celebration of miracles! With Menorahs, candles, dreidels and gelt, let Jeff the Magician add some magic to your festival of lights and your Hanukkah Celebration!


The Magic of Purim

Celebrate the Jews and their Heroes; Queen Esther and Mordechai with this Fun filled Magic Show!  Discover the Magic of Kings and Queens as Jeff brings out the “whole Megillah”!


matzah miracles

A fun filled Passover magic program to show your kids the miracles of the Passover story. Witness the magic of the plagues, as well as the disappearing Afikoman and other Seder plate symbols! After each amazing effect, you'll say "Diaynu- it would have been enough!!"


happy birthday israel

Always a festive show, celebrate "Yom Ha'Atzmaute," Israel's Independence Day with Hatikva, the Israeli flag and of course Magic! An exciting way to celebrate Israel's birthday for your religious school or summer camp!


Remind children and adults of all ages, how magical Shabbat really is for all of us on a weekly basis. This family show will provide a memorable experience to spice up any group Shabbat Dinner.

shabbat magic


reading is magic

A great show any time of year especially for Hebrew day schools and Jewish Reading Month. Jeff will show your students how magical reading is and will get your kids excited about the magic of books as well as famous Jewish people such as: Golda Meir, Harry Houdini, Mark Spitz and more!


Of course jeff "the Jewish" Magician is also able to perform his strolling magic at your Bar or bat mitzvah parties, wedding receptions or other jewish simchas!


This is the second year in a row our congregation has invited Jeff the Magician to perform, and we were yet again blown away. His combination of a fun, spunky personality, with fascinating, illuminating tricks has brightened up our Hanukkah celebrations. We are so lucky to have a fabulous Jewish Magician so close to us! Not only are his magic tricks amusing, but are infused with Jewish facts and history, which adds an educational component. His shows are all one of a kind! He is such a pleasure to work with. I would HIGHLY recommend Jeff, especially to any Jewish organization.

~  Sara Klein ~  Program Director ~ Ann Arbor, Michigan

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