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Hello Magic Fans!  Welcome to my brand new website!!  I hope you find it enjoyable and easy to navigate.   Obviously during this Covid 19 situation, the need for a professional entertainer is reduced, but please SIGN UP NOW for my  ONLINE magic  classes!  Of course, once this pandemic is over, I will be out and ready to perform again at birthday parties, schools, my weekly restaurants, senior homes, and corporate outings!

Would YOU like to learn MAGIC??  This week my Fifth Zoom Magic Class is beginning.  Below is the schedule for upcoming classes!  Each class is only $10.00!  Payment options are:  PayPal, Venmo, or credit card by phone!  This week we are trying a Saturday Only Class!  Sign up now for Saturday, May 16th at 11 am.  Learn amazing Card Tricks, Money Tricks, Rope Magic, Mind Reading and More!   Private and Semi Private classes are available as well!  Contact me for details!


     Class Date & Time                                                      Class Name                                               Status                     Description

Tues    April 14, 2020   2 pm                             Class One "Amazing Card Magic"                    Completed        Basic Card Tricks

Thur    April 16, 2020   2 pm                              Class One "Amazing Card Magic"                    Completed         Basic Card Tricks

Tues    April 21, 2020   2 pm                              Class Two "Magic from around Home"           Completed      Objects from your home

Wed   April 22, 2020  2 pm                               Class One "Amazing Card Magic"                   Completed        Basic Card Tricks

Thur   April 23, 2020  2 pm                               Class Two "Magic from around Home"           Completed    Objects from your home

Tue    April 28, 2020  2 pm                               Class Three "Amazing Card Magic TWO"       Completed     Intermediate Card Tricks

Wed  April 29, 2020  2 pm                               Class Two "Magic from around Home"            Completed   Objects from your home

Thur  April 30, 2020  2 pm                               Class Three "Amazing Card Magic TWO"       Completed     Intermediate Card Tricks

Tue    May 5 ,   2020  2 pm                               Class Four "Mind Reading Miracles"                Completed     Make Amazing Predictions

Wed  May 6,    2020  2 pm                               Class Three "Amazing Card Magic TWO"       Completed     Intermediate Card Tricks

Thur  May 7,    2020   2 pm                               Class Four "Mind Reading Miracles"               Completed   Make Amazing Predictions

Sat.   May 16,  2020  11 am                                Class Five "Magic of ALL Types"                    10 Spots Left    Cards, Money, Rope +

Sign Up Today!  Call or Text Jeff at 517 339-4-JEF

300 N. Clippert St.

Lansing, MI 48912

Every Sunday: 5-7 pm

110 W Jefferson St
Grand Ledge, MI 48837

Every Monday: 6-8 pm

5705 S Cedar St
Lansing, MI 48911

Every Tuesday: 6-8 pm

Coming Soon!

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Jeff's Magic Catalog

Yes, YOU too can learn Magic!

Here are some AMAZING Magic Sets and Individual Magic Tricks that are available for purchase from Jeff the Magician.  These items may be purchased from me in person if you live in the Greater Lansing Area or may be ordered and shipped right to your home.  Either way, at the bottom of this page is a link to an order form.  There is NO CART on this site.  So, decide on the items you would like and the quantities and list them in the order form link below.  You MUST put your name and phone number on the form.  I will then contact you and arrange a meeting (no shipping fee or tax) or a shipment (shipping and tax extra.)

Jeff's Magic Sets

Penn & Teller Magic Set ($45.00)  Learn over 200 Amazing Tricks from the Magic Masters themselves!  This amazing set includes all the classics of magic such as Cups & Balls, Ball Vase, Money Printer, and an Instructional DVD!

Jeff's Ultimate Magic Set ($35.00)  Learn a variety of incredible tricks such as card tricks, sponge balls, coins, dice and more.  This amazing set includes online instructions,  a Jeff the Magician Fan Club Bracelet, and a $25 gift card towards a birthday party or kids show!

Professional's Ultimate Card Magic Set ($25.00)  Learn over 225 Amazing Card Tricks!  This set will teach you over 100 tricks with a normal deck of cards as well as over 100 tricks with special included trick cards.  A Magic Card Trick Box is also included!

Jeff's Salesperson "Secret Weapon" Magic Kit ($25.00)  When Jeff sold cars, roofing, insurance, and educational products, these magic tricks helped close many sales!  They are easy to do, yet very powerful tools for your sales kit.  You receive FIVE amazing tricks! Some will keep children happy while you sell to the parents, the rest will help prove that you know your customers and products better than the competition!  Get YOUR Secret Sales Weapon Kit Today!

Jeff's individual tricks! 

 All Instructions Included!

Fun Magic Coloring Books ~ Now in 2 Sizes ~ Stage and Pocket Versions ($15 for either size or $25 for both) 

The absolute "Cadillac" of Kids Magic Tricks!  Great for ages 4-adult.  Magically cause every page in the book to color, uncolor, or go completely blank!  Perfect for baby sitters and adult professionals who work with kids!

Tel-A-Vision Box ($10)

Read Your Spectator's Mind! Fun & Easy!

Ball & Vase ($5)

Ball appears and disappears on command!

Ages 4+    Easy!

Crazy Cube ($5)

Read Your Spectator's Mind! Fun & Easy!

Card-Toon Deck ($25)

As Seen on AGT!  One of Jeff's Most Famous Effects at Restaurants!  Not only does the animated drawing come to life, but he also finds the spectator's chosen card!  Amazing !

Around the World Flag Prediction ($25)

You show a deck of cards with a Flag from a different country on every card.  You make a prediction, and your spectator names ANY Card.  That card is turned over to reveal the EXACT Country's Flag you wrote down!

Sharpie Sticker Surprise! ($15)

Remember the cartoon black hole in the Road Runner Show? Imagine BORROWING a quarter, have your spectator place a black sticker on their own quarter and you push a Normal Sharpie Marker right through it!

A Puzzlement!

The Addition of Hope, Faith, or Love into our Daily Life ($25)

A Colorful 5 Piece Puzzle is shown in a Wooden Frame.  You Explain how each piece represents things we do every day; work, school, family time, etc.

There simply is no room to add anything else.  You introduce a 6th piece, rearrange the pieces and amazingly, all 6 pieces still fit inside the frame! There truly is always room for Hope, Faith, Love and especially, Magic!

Jeff's MONEY Mystery $205

The magician opens a set of folded papers and places a coin inside. The papers are then re-folded. Upon re-opening the papers, everyone is astonished to find the coin has changed into a $100 bill, or even vanished! The possibilities are endless!

Set of 4 Sponge Balls - $15

Amazing Magic can be performed with these sponge balls!  They vanish, appear, and even multiply right in the spectator's hands!

Hanky Panky - $20

An Amazing and colorful routine!  One colored silk vanishes from inside a second silk and magically reappears inside the third! Beautiful Magic!

After You Order,  I Will Contact You Regarding Delivery of Items.

Hypnotic Choice ($10)

Predict the Exact Shape

Your Spectator is just Thinking of!

Split Deck ($20)

A Random Card is freely selected from two half decks of cards.  They Match Exactly!

Casino Chip Caper  ($15)

An Amazing Prediction

Involving Casino Chips!

Jeff performed for my daughter's 4th birthday party in Lansing. It was an absolute delight for both the 15 children and their parents in the room. Jeff did about 8-10 tricks and we loved every one of them. The one thing that I liked most was he engaged every child by asking them to be part of the show. My daughter loved the attention she got, especially the finale when only she was asked to take part and she even got a magic wand! It's amazing how much Jeff was able to entertain a bunch of 4 year olds and keep their attention for the entirety of the 30min. Highly recommend Jeff.

~  Wen ~ East Lansing

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